Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 2 begins!

I just finished up my second time doing Chest & Back plus Ab Ripper X. It went much better today! I concentrated on keeping my neck in the proper place during my pushups. I'm thinking that for next time I'm going to really focus on my back muscles when I'm doing the pullups. I'm using a step for assistance, and I want to make sure I'm working my back muscles as hard as I can. Towards the end of the main workout I was thinking I was done until I remembered Ab Ripper X. Ahh! What a bummer! I did well during the abs though, so that's good. The hardest for me is actually the oblique crunches towards the end. I have to take a little break. The wide leg sit up with the cross over is getting much better for me. I'm happy about that! Overall I burned 714 calories! For all of last week, I burned 5286 calories!!! Isn't that insane?

Finals are over and I have spring break until March 15. Woo hoo! I'm going home, so i have to pack up all my P90X stuff. I have bands, so I'm going to use those while I'm gone instead of weights. I'm going to bring my pullup bar with me too.

Tomorrow is plyo... we'll see if that feels better than last week! I'm going to do it first thing in the morning because I have a 5 hour drive home to do tomorrow and I'd like to be home by dinner. Time for a recovery shake!

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