Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recovery Week Begins

I'm back in my school world, and things are going well! My first day of class for this mini-semester was actually pretty good, and I even got in my Stretch X. I really wanted to cook dinner and relax for a bit, so I did that and then popped in Stretch X at 9. What a way to end the day! I still can't believe how not flexible I am, but there is improvement. So that's good!

Today I did Yoga X, and it was much better than last week! I think the key was that I was not in a hurry. When you're rushing, you can't focus. Today, I don't have anywhere that I need to be until 3:30 (craziness... I have class on Tuesdays from 3:30 - 9:30 PM), so I got up at 7 so I had plenty of time for me. I had a light breakfast and some coffee (must have my coffee in the morning... a girl needs a vice). Once I digested, I put in Yoga X and I really gave it my all. There are so many moves that are too challenging for me, but I'm trying to modify them. I feel much more flexible and I'm getting better at the balance postures too. Very nice!

Last week's calories = 4500! I didn't even have my HRM on for yoga, so it was probably about 400 -500 more!

Yoga calorie burn today = 450!

Off to volunteer at the animal shelter! Hope everyone else doing P90X is feeling great!


  1. That's awesome - over 4,000 calories burned!

    I have never kept track of my calories burned, but it seems like that is a great idea, and doing it by week so you can see if you've pushed yourself.

    We are just past 30 days and we need to get it into another gear!

    Good luck!

  2. That's so cool that you volunteer...it's like therapy! And you go to school, and do p90x..girl you are DEDICATED!