Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Positive Attitude = Enhanced Results?

I was reading Shape magazine today (the one with Julia Louis-Dreyfus who looks awesome on the cover), and they mentioned that positive attitudes about workout results tend to keep people on track. So basically, if you believe you'll reach your goals, you're more likely to stick with your workout. I believe it was a study that was done at Duke University... anyhow, I really believe it! In my own way, I'd say that feeling positive about my results definitely keeps me working out and it makes me try harder. Today I did plyo, and I was in such a positive mood about it because I really feel differences in my fitness and my shape. I don't have a scale with me here, but my clothes definitely fit better than they did two weeks ago. It feels like my hard work is paying off which in turn makes me want to work harder. I love it!

Those squat switch jumps KICK MY BUTT. Today I used less of the modification for these and did a lot more of the full switch jump. I found myself not going at the exact speed of Tony, but I definitely used more explosive jumping. It felt great! My heart was definitely pumping! I'm thinking my HRM might've gone a little haywire because the high heart rate it recorded was ridiculous (223 bpm)! Usually when it loses the connection from the strap to the watch it will record over 220 bpm or 0 bpm. I tend to think that's what happened because I kept looking at it after my hardest exercises and it was only in the 170s or 180s at the most. Seems high, but I recover really quickly when we take it down a notch.

Time for some lunch! I have some turkey breast and salad stuff today. Yummy!

HRM Report: 950 calories?!?!?

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  1. Wowzers calorie burn! So yeah, the squat switch pick ups are my most difficult, they burrrrrrn! I'll take jump knee tucks any day over those!

    so true about PMA. It was a great article, I read it too :)