Sunday, March 8, 2009

Legs and Back Take 2, Kenpo X Take 2

Ahhh, just finished me some Kenpo X! It was much better than last week. I must've been a lazy bum last week because I sweat so much more today! There's something awesome about punching and kicking! I was a Tae Bo girl in the 90's, so I love the whole aerobic kickboxing thing. I think what I appreciate about Tony and P90X though is that he makes it a serious workout. There's no gimmick or silliness in this workout. I'm a huge fan of the blocking sequences as I said last week. I was much better at the Star Block sequence this week, although I'd say that is my weakest area. There were definitely a few times in the punching sequences too that I got confused. I think I was concentrating too hard! Sometimes you've just gotta move!

HRM Report: 758 calories!
As for Legs and Back, it was definitely different this week. I decided that for ease of travel, I was going to use bands only for my workouts this week. I like the pullup bar better because it works my muscles much more intensely. I missed my weights during some of those lunge/squat combos as well. It was still a great workout! Those Siebers 80/20 squats are killer! And, my proudest moment was that I got up at 6 AM to do my workout! My boyfriend and I went to the valley (my affectionate term for where I grew up) to visit our parents (his live there too), so we were out from 9 AM until 10 PM yesterday. There is NO SLACKING in P90X though! :)

HRM Report: 770 calories!

I actually did the Slim in 6 workouts with Debbie Siebers a while ago, and they were awesome too. That was the only time in my life that I didn't have saddlebags! Ha ha ha! I'm sure I'll get back there and beyond with the P90X. I have Debbie's more intense workout DVD's too, and some of those are really good. I think I'm going to have myself quite a home workout collection! I'm sure I'll do a few rounds of P90X so I can keep kicking it up a notch each time, but I'm happy to have a full workout arsenal at home at all times!

I think in the end I should sum up all the calories I've burned over 90 days. Can you imagine what that will be???


  1. Once again, you motivation is truly inspiring. And I love reading your HRM reports! Keep it up!

  2. Yay for getting up at 6am to get your workout in! And I agree, those Siebers are tough!