Thursday, March 12, 2009

Arms and Shoulders, Ab Ripper X

Ahhh, all done with the workout for the day. I really like the arms and shoulders workout. It's definitely the best to use bands and bands only. Next time I do it I'll up the intensity of my bands for a few of the exercises. Good stuff! Ab Ripper X was good today as well. I usually don't lift my feet during the mason twists at the end, but I did today for 20 reps. Excellent!

HRM Report: 792 calories!

I'm getting lunch with a couple girlfriends today... how fun! I'm going to check out the menu to figure out what I'll get to eat. It's an Asian fusion type place so I'm sure I'll find something good.

Yoga at 6 AM tomorrow... I have a busy Friday!


  1. Arms and Shoulders is one of my favorites... Doesn't it feel great when you stretch at the end?! I hope you have something yummy at lunch... I'm half Korean, so I get spoiled rotten at my mom's house!