Wednesday, March 25, 2009

No pictures yet...

I'm still working on it! It's hard when you live alone. My cats haven't figured out my digital camera. I did take some shots with my blackberry, but I don't have the originals! I did check my measurements, and I have lost 1" from my waist, 1" from my chest, and 0.5" from my hips. I can tell a big difference in my clothes! I also officially losr 5 pounds. Yay for 30 days!

So, I did something sort of stupid last night... I didn't turn my alarm clock on! Luckily when I was getting ready to switch to doubles, I put all of my workouts into my calendar. I had wanted to do plyo this morning at 7:30, and I should have had my alarm go off at 7. Unfortunately, it wasn't on, BUT my blackberry dinged at me to let me know I had something in my calendar that was supposed to start at 7:30. Phew! I jumped out of bed and did the workout right away! I was a little more rushed (at least in my head) than usual, but I still burned over 800 calories. That workout cannot be stopped!

Other than that, life is a bit stressful right now, but I'm not going to let them stop my workouts. I'm thinking that will relieve more stress for me, so it's got to be done!

Hope all the other X'ers out there are doing well!


  1. I am so truly ecstatic for you. Congratulations on your results and GREAT JOB on all of your hard work!!!

  2. hey girl! if you wanna hang out at any point, call me-8435306628, we can have a cocktail somewhere :)