Monday, March 2, 2009


Today is Day 7 of my P90X Journey, and so far it's going well. I love the workouts, and I've had no problem fitting them into my life. Where I really feel like I'm falling down though is the food! There are some days that I feel I do really well, and then others I am starving my bedtime! I really need to concentrate on finding the right balance. I'm going to Costco tomorrow to pick up some Egg Beaters and more chicken breasts. I have gone through a lot of frozen proteins this week! I technically haven't gone through a week since my last weigh-in (I usually weigh myself on Thursdays) so I won't get too discouraged just yet. Must focus!


  1. Yes, focus! :) I say it alot-it's always with women-don't focus on poundage. Focus, on how your clothes fit, how you feel..from the inside. If you are working hard, then your hardwork will pay off, no doubt. It's a definate life style change, but it will work for you in the end, and you will barely remember any other way to live. It will become habit to eat healthy, trust me. I appreciate you working so damn hard and I know you will see great results! :)

  2. Hey! I started P90X yesterday. I like it so far, but it's tough! It's nice that you're a week ahead of me, because I can read what you think before I do'll prepare me for the suffering I'll be enduring the workouts. haha!