Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kenpo to the max

Today was a Kenpo day for me! I woke up at 7, and I sort of had a headache so I decided to push it off until later in the day. I got my haircut at 11 and felt much better when I got back, so I did the workout then. I'm so happy I waited! I must've really been feeling it today because I burned 775 calories! Woo hoo! It's nice to push it and have fun and not even feel like you're working (that's the fun kicking in). I love it!

Next week will be my 30 days mark! It looks like as of now I've lost about 3 pounds, and I'm sure I've dropped a couple inches. I haven't officially checked, but I have some jeans that are feeling a little looser. More like they used to be tight and now they fit. Good stuff! My friend pointed out my triceps yesterday too and said she could see a difference. Gotta love it!

Hope everyone else is enjoying the workouts as much as I am! I'm getting much better about the food too. I think in the beginning it was so much just to adjust to the workout schedule, so I wasn't as structured with my food. Now I find that I crave the right food, so I'm not really worried about wanting to get a cookie or chips. I'm thinking it's the positive side effects of all the hard work! If I come up with any good recipes, I'll post them. I love to cook, and I'm really into eating as inexpensively (and as locally) as possible. Now that the weather is getting better, the local produce will start coming in and I'll go local! It's fun to try to figure out how to cook only locla foods. In May, that means a TON OF SPINACH. In case you're interested in finding places near you to get local foods, check out

Take care and keep bringing it!


  1. Thanks for the comments. You deffinitly gota put a picture up on your 30day mark so we can all see how hard your working and great your looken. Keep up the good work. I deffintly have to resist the cookies thats my weekness. But im lucky where i live its all organic farms and health nuts so eating healthy food wont be a problem.

  2. Hey There! I can't resist reading a blog from a girl who is a hard-core P90X'er! I found you through Trav & Jess's blog. Sounds like you are doing great! Congrats on the pants fitting! It's those little victories that keep us pushing play huh? And the triceps muscle. Shoot, I didn't even know what a triceps muscle is a few years ago and now it's one of my favorite things to flex and admire in the mirror! ha ha
    Keep up the great work! Cute blog layout too! I'm with Adam...lets see some 30 day progress pics!