Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to Business!

I was up bright and early today to get in my first workout. I've actually decided to "run" the half marathon in Pittsburgh in May, so I'm substituting my runs for the Cardio X portion of the Doubles workout. I went out for a 30 min jog this morning. It was COLD!!! It's supposed to be warm later but it was still below freezing! It felt GREAT though! I had no issues at all and really could've kept going. Since I haven't been really focusing on running, I'll most likely walk/jog the race, but that's ok. A lot of my friends are doing it so it'll be fun!

I'm going to volunteer today at the animal shelter and then I'll be back for the Chest workout with Abs. I'm excited! I'm so happy my life is back on track. Without going into too much gory detail, I basically decided to end a 3.5 year relationship over the weekend and I had to deal with that. Soooo, now I am back and planning to workout with full force! I'm feeling awesome today, so that's great! If I have time, I'll post about the chest workout. I have a midterm tomorrow though, so I should really be studying!


  1. study?...P90X?....study?...P90X?.

    Good luck with that choice. AND the midterm :)

  2. hey - hope all is well, saw what you wrote about your break up. seems like you're doing pretty good though! if you ever feel like hitting the jersey shore let me know :)