Saturday, March 14, 2009

Week 3 is coming to a close...

It's been a busy couple of days (in a good way... visiting friends and family) but I managed to get in yoga and legs & back. I did yoga at 6 AM yesterday, and I have to say it did not go as well as usual. I just wasn't feeling it! I find that yoga is an easy workout to slack on and not do as well. If I'm tired for legs or arms, there's not much I can do to slack. You do a bicep curl or you don't, you know? For yoga though, I find it easier to only go partway, and I feel like I might've done that yesterday. I still sweat but it just didn't feel as intense! On the other hand, legs went really well today! I'm definitely strange because that is my favorite workout. I love it! I even liked those stupid 80 20 Siebers speed squats today.

Tomorrow is Kenpo again, and I have a 5 hour drive home. I'm trying to decide if I want to sleep in, get on the road early, and then workout at night or if I want to workout before I leave. We'll see!

Recovery week next week! I think I need it!


  1. Today was the last day of my week 3. I can definatly say that I am much more toned than when I started. Just need to lose some more of the overlaying fat to see more definition. Today was XStretch only, but I also added Cardio X for more of a cardio burn. Just need to keep it going :)

  2. Great Job Girl, absolutely keep it going, squeeze those workouts in, and I love how you never complain about never "having enough time" for your workouts. You MAKE time for them which is great! :)

  3. Jon, I'm with you! I'm much stronger and more muscular, but there's still a little bit of fat to burn off. I guess the best way to look at it is that I have 62 more days to burn it off!