Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Phase 2 begins!

I woke up bright and early today to start my phase 2 on the right foot. I've done my Cardio X for the day and I'm heading out soon for volunteering at the animal shelter. Cardio X was fun! He takes some of the more entertaining moves from each workout and incorporates them into a short sequence. I'm not a big fan of Dreya Rolls, and it's only because I have a hardwood floor. Even with the yoga mat, it's way too hard for me to do without feeling like I'm bruising my back. So I modify it so it doesn't hurt, but it's definitely not as intense (nor as fun I imagine) as if you do it exactly like they do. Oh well! I think I burned somewhere in the vicinity of 450 calories. After I get back from the animal shelter I'll pick up the Chest, Shoulders, Arms workout with some Ab Ripper X. I see there are some clap pushups in there... we'll see how that goes!


  1. AWESOME job girl! I recommend to everyone to get those rubber puzzle blocks (at a sporting goods store, or lowes, 20 bucks) and those dreya rolls will feel like butta on your back, lol.

  2. OH-and I need to see pics-come on' you can do it.. :)