Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My favorite workout partner

Today I began Week 3 with my trusty and loyal workout partner, Shepard. He's my 7 year old cat, and he is always right by my side when I workout. It is so cute! I call him my Yogi Cat because he especially loves yoga. On Ab Ripper X days though he is very helpful because he plops down right next to me while I agonize through that fabulous workout! It's really quite helpful during thos awful oblique crunches because he stretches out right next to me so I can focus on him instead of the burning pain in my side! He also seems to like standing under me in downward dog. Love it!

Today was my third shot at Chest and Back, and my goal today was to do as many pushups off of my knees as possible. I did pretty well! I usually only try the standard pushups on my toes, but this time I tried all of them (except military). Those military pushups are my toughest ones... except of course for the dive bombers. On the dive bomber front, I'm proud to say I am almost positive that whatever I did today could be called a dive bomber pushup. I don't think I could've said that before today! For abs, my triumph of the day was putting my hands up in the air during in and outs. I'm pretty lucky when it comes to abs because my old gym had a 15 minute ab class on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and we did some of the exercises from Ab Ripper X. Woo hoo! That class did more for me than I thought!

On the topic of bands and weights, I'm pretty sure I'm going to move up to my next resistance level in the bands. I think it's especially important when I'm doing the pullups with the bands. I think it'll really intensify the workout because some of the moves seemed a bit easy with my regular band today. Could that be my muscles getting stronger??? :)

HRM Report: 763 calories!

I hope everyone else out there doing P90X is bringing it! I'm loving this workout! It's so real, and that's my favorite part. I also enjoy when Tony does his Forrest Gump impression... I'm easily amused!


  1. Me too! Pretty soon, you'll have all the DVD's memorized! lol

    Dive bombers are tricky-I remembered them from the Marines, but they take time. But boy, do they work! Practice makes perfect! "Rome wasn't built in a day" (from one of his dvd's..lol)

  2. I have the exact opposite... I'm dog watching for my sister, and I think she's trying to kill me!!! Whenever I do downward dog, she lays down on the mat and rolls over on her stomach... If I'm doing laying down triceps extentions, she makes me bonk my head with the weights... Fifer Scissors are painful, because she tries to eat my sneakers or lays down under my legs. I'll trade you!!! Great job with sticking with your workouts!!!

  3. I love your workout partner. My dogs like to lay underneath me when I'm doing pushups making it hard to get down low, so they get pushed out of the way.

  4. Your kitty is so cute!! My two dogs sit either in the room with me or right outide the door while I'm working out (depends on how nosey they get!) So now we're on the exact same schedule...I think I'm goinmg to like having mondays as my rest day too! I'm loving that we can do this together! Oh and I'm praying that by the end of the 90 days I'll be able to do just 1 dive bomber....those things are CRAZY!!

  5. Cute cat! I wish my apartment allowed pets! I want a workout buddy!

    Those dive bombers are tough! My attempts at those are so ridiculous!