Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today was the second week of phase 2, and it started out quite well! I read my daily horoscope, which I know is odd to some people. I find it entertaining, and sometimes, depending on my mood that day, it can be inspiring! This was today:

"For one brief, shining moment, it may all make sense - who you are, and why you are where you are. Revel in the clarity, and stockpile some for later."

I love it! Whether it's real or not, it's great! And I'm going to take that with me all day...

Today's workout was the Chest, Tri, etc. extravaganza! My one arm "pushups" are seriously improving! I'm no longer frightened I'll crash down onto my face and lose some teeth. I might even say I do them as well as the woman in the video. She hardly does them, and now I do the same! :) It definitely makes me feel stronger.

Not sure if I had other workout-related shining moments today... it went well, and I burned 720 calories! Woo hoo!

Off to school for a looooooooong day! I'm making my dinner right now, actually so I don't have to buy junk. This is one of my favorite lazy meals ever!

1 cup of brown rice (cook according to directions - I like using broth instead of water so it tastes better)
1 can of black beans (I remove the "liquid" cause I think it's salty and gross)
1 can of Rotel
little bit of salt and pepper
some cumin, maybe a little cayenne or chili powder

Yummy! And healthy!

Have a great one! Bring IT!


  1. Thank you for the recipe, it sounds yummy!! I also rinse out my black beans (the blackish liquid just looks gross!)

    Keep up the great work! I'm still doing girlie pushups (on my knees) but one day I'll be awesome like you! :)

  2. Good to hear you're improving with your one-arm push-ups! Hopefully I'll be able to say the same next week!

  3. Hey Congrats on the push ups! I have a weird deal with one-armed push ups. I can crank 'em out with my left arm...but can hardly do ONE with my right arm...and I'm right handed. Whassup wit dat??? I have NO idea. It's bizarre. Anyway, if you're doing them as well as the girl in the video...I'm impressed. I may be able to do them that well...but I certainly don't do that many. I should work on that though.
    Anyway, as for the horoscope..I don't read them...but anything that inspires and encourages you! I find that reading a chapter in Proverbs is that way for me--every day! :o)