Sunday, April 12, 2009

Shaking things up a bit

Today was a Kenpo day for me, and I slept in pretty late! I didn't get my morning workout in, so I had to push it off until after dinner. Let's just say I didn't feel like it. I decided to shake things up a bit and do the workout while watching tv. I turned on the DVD and did the warmup with Tony, but I was so not excited about listening to the DVD for the next hour! Once the warmup was finished, I switched off the DVD and grabbed the book. I put on some DVR I had from last week and I kicked it! I think I worked harder than I would've with the DVD!!! I was seriously kicking and punching! I burned over 800 calories, which was much needed after some Easter candy. I feel great! I am sooooo happy I actually did my workout even though I wans't feeling it. Now I can relax!

Happy Easter!


  1. Yes, I do the same thing. I stopped listening to Tony after the 1st week, I just watch him and listen to my iPod. This works SOOOOOO much better. I still need the visual and to keep me moving at the right pace but the music is what keeps this interesting.

  2. WOW! WHAT a concept! Why haven't I thought of that?
    Way to Go Alyssa! Thanks for the idea!