Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Plyo + The Biggest Loser

So today I was way tired in the morning and didn't workout. I had a few hours off in the afternoon, so I put on The Biggest Loser on DVR and did plyo with the book. It was awesome! I love that show, and I'm pretty sure again I pushed harder not having the DVD on. Works for me to get through this week! I'm so looking forward to the variety of recovery week. I'll have to add some runs in there to get ready for the race.

Class tonight! I am so happy I got in my plyo workout! Woo hoo!

I was definitely in a flop sweat...


  1. I love the idea of doing the exercises out of the book and watching whatever I want on tv. I missed Biggest Loser last night since I had a dinner so that's an idea!

  2. I LOOOOOVE BL too!! My fav. show. I've thought about trying to watch something else while doing the work out but it seems like it would be hard to focus or concentrate. It wasn't though??