Saturday, April 11, 2009

Awesome workout day!

Yesterday was yoga day, and I was just not feeling it. I really needed a mental health day so I went shopping, napped, and relaxed. I felt very rested today! I'm just going to call yesterday my rest day for the week and throw in yoga on my rest day.

Today was a whole different story! I had some work to do in the morning, but when I got home, I stuck in the legs and back workout. The pullups were tough today! I don't know if I was putting less of my weight on the chair or if I was still tired. I was definitely feeling those pretty quickly though! I checked a couple days ago and I can now hang from the bar pretty easily. Next stop, unassisted pullup!

After my legs workout was done, I decided to go for a jog with friends. It was great! I felt so fit! One of my friends runs a little faster, and I felt fine! I ended up doing 4.3 miles which is longer than I've done in a while. Just think... the race is only 9 more miles than that! :) Oy! Thank God for P90X because I would be a mess without it!

Bring it!

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