Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm back!

My life has returned to "normal" and so I did a workout this morning!  Yay!  I left off at recovery week for phase 2, so I started there today.  I decided to substitute Cardio X for Yoga because I didn't have a full hour and a half to exercise this morning.  I figured since there's yoga in it, I wasn't doing too bad.  I feel awesome!  I am so happy I worked out today!  I burned 458 calories, and I'm also planning to walk to and from school today.  That will end up being an additional 3-3.5 miles of walking with my backpack on.  The weather is quite warm in PA, but I'm loving it!

Only one more week of school, and then I head off on vacation with my family!


  1. Great job getting back in the game! I can't wait to be hitting phase 2 or 3... right now im hitting week 3 only!