Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plyo Lovin'

Day 2 of my reinvigorated phase 2 is going well. I will (I promise) put up some results photos although I don't have the day 1 photos. On the ex's computer and couldn't get them off... ugh. At least I'll have these and I can compare after 60 days! I was sore this morning when I woke up, so I guess I worked some muscles yesterday! Plyo is as plyo does... I like it but it's not my favorite. I burned a boatload of calories though, so that's good! Today it was 808 calories! Woo hoo! I think my favorite move is the military march or maybe the gap jump. The gap jump reminds me of when I was dancing all the time and also when I was a kid and pretended my bedroom floor was water with a bunch of alligators in it. I saw an episode of John and Kate Plus 8 where the kids do that too... is that something that all kids do? Weird. :)

Have a fab day X'ers! BRING IT!

PS - Bring it just makes me think of the movie Bring It On when the girl says "It's already been broughten!" Love it!


  1. That made me laugh...I LOVE military march because I totally dog it so I can catch my breath (shh, don't tell anyone, LOL)!

    It has already been BROUGHTEN! HAHAHA

  2. I also love the military march. I did it one time in front of my full length mirror with only my bra and panties on! should SEE the abs at work on that one!'s a nice respite from all that jumping!!
    Anyway, you girls are has TOTALLY already been BROUGHTEN!! :o)