Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You know, it's so funny to me how quickly working out becomes difficult to do.  I took 5 days off, and it seems like such a huge feat to get back into it!  Luckily I'm too stubborn to do anything else, so I got up this morning and did my Core Synergistics.  Fun times!  I absolutely love the pushups at the end when you turn and balance on your hand and feet and sweep under.  I'm getting much better at Chatturanga in general, so all those crazy moves are getting much better.  I'm happy my few days off didn't completely derail me!

On another note (sort of), I read an article in Fitness about how skimping on sleep is worse for you than missing a workout, so it made me feel slightly better about missing a few workouts last week!  Basically it said that you increase your risk of disease when you have less than 7 hours of sleep and a workout doesn't counteract that enough to make it worthwhile to sleep less just to workout.  Now of course I'm not going to take this as an excuse to skip workouts... I'm going to use this as motivation to get enough sleep!

Keep pushing play!!!


  1. I knew sleep was important but that's scary... disease? I'll keep that in mind every night!

  2. When mom used to say 'you grow when you sleep', she was right. I try but find it difficult to get a decent 7 hours worth of sleep. Rest those muscles!