Monday, January 18, 2010

Week 4 Marathon Training

It is now week 4 in the marathon training, and it's starting to step up a bit. My schedule for the week is listed as:

Rest, 3 mi, 4 mi, 3 mi, Rest, 9 mi, Cross Train

After doing some research and getting some advice, I've decided that I will allow myself from time to time to substitute plyo work for one of my shorter runs. In the beginning, INSANITY workouts make more sense because they only require 40 minutes of my time, and a 3-4 mile run is going to take me 30-40 minutes. As my mileage increased, I'll work in one of the phase 2 INSANITY workouts or Plyo X from the P90X program.

I've also decided that one of my rest days is going to be a yoga day instead of pure rest. This week (and most weeks), that day is today! I didn't have school today because of MLK Day, so I scheduled a massage for 9 AM. I won my fantasy football this year (2 years in a row, thank you very much), so I had an extra $250 I didn't expect to have. Woo hoo! I treated myself to a few massages so I can keep my body in tip top shape during my training. After I got back, I had some extra water (very important after massages), and then I did a 25 minute Rodney Yee yoga routine. It's called Yoga for Flexibility, and I love it! I am now nice and relaxed, plus my muscles are stretched out!

Tomorrow I will get back to my running with a 3-4 mile run. Last week was a successful week, and I felt super strong like I was really building up some endurance. Let's hope this week is just as great!

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  1. Hi Alissa,

    Pretty cool that you're using P90X and Insanity to train for a marathon. I love to hear how it works out. I used P90X and Insanity to get into the Marine Corps, improve my 3 mile run time and overall strength and fitness and I swear by the programs, especially Insanity.

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