Thursday, January 14, 2010

Above Freezing!

Today I fit in my 4 mile run for the week in the beautiful, MILD 39 degree Pittsburgh weather. It felt like spring! Oh so sad... :) There were actually a ton of runners out there. You'd have thought it actually was spring!

I mapped out a course for myself using the US Track and Field website. I know there are other sites, but this was the first I used so I prefer it. Anywho, I mapped out a nice 4 mile loop that started in my neighborhood and made its way into a neighborhood right next door. What I failed to remember is that this other neighborhood is up a fairly large hill, so for a good 20 minutes I was seriously running up hill. Not only was it up hill, but I'm pretty sure people from Pittsburgh have learned how to walk on snow, so they just don't bother to shovel. So I was running up hill on snowy sidewalks. Oddly enough, I'm used to that although it does slow you down a bit. I actually tripped once, and it was on DRY LAND! What a clutz! I didn't fall, but I seemed to be quite stable in the slush. I guess I'm a cold weather beast at heart!

All in all, good run today. I stretched for 12-ish minutes afterwards with the help of my cat. It's one of his favorite activities. I sit down to stretch and he runs over and sits next to me. Too cute!

Hope everyone is doing well with their health journeys! Be well!

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