Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cross Training and a Long Run

In the past couple days, I've had some kick butt workouts! It's felt great! Yesterday, I decided to do some cross training that included strength. I chose a workout from Exercise TV On Demand that was led by Jackie Warner. She's the trainer from the Bravo show Workout. So, first of all, OMG on her abs. Like seriously! RIDICULOUS! Second of all, I really liked the workout! It was structured really well. She does things by body part, and she does 3 moves per body part. You do the exercise for about a minute at a pretty normal pace, and then you do a power section where you combine those 3 moves in a more intense fashion... like faster and without rest. The body part sections she did were:

Bis, Tris, Shoulders
Upper Abs
Lower Abs

Now I understand why she has killer abs! I woke up fairly sore today which is awesome for a home workout where I only use 8 pound weights!

Today I did my long run which was 8 miles. I went with a friend, and we tried to keep it around an 11 minute mile because my training plan suggested that pace. It felt so slow! We ended up adding in some walk breaks and stopped for water and the bathroom in the middle. The crazy thing about it is that after my stretch, I checked my heart rate monitor and it said I burned 1740 calories!!! That's a whole freaking day of food!!!


  1. Nice job - great that you took the time to stretch after the 8 mile run!

  2. nu-uh!!!! that is the most calories I've ever heard of anyone burning! (other than BL) AWESOME!!

  3. Thats the great thing about ExerciseTV!! Their workouts are really hard but do-able for the everyday person.... you don't have to be some olympic athlete to get in shape with them!
    And yes, Jackie Warner is completely amazing! I LOVE HER WORKOUTS.
    Check out more Jackie Warner stuff on