Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rest and a New Program

Today is a Rest/XT day and I decided to make it more of a rest day. I had a physical scheduled this morning, and it was a 30 minute walk from my apartment. I made my cross training the walk to and from the doctor, in addition to my normal walk to and from school. It actually added up to about 400 calories, and that is right on for what I need with my food intake today. So resting tonight it is! Now it's time for some low key school work... all on my own time and without interruption. Oddly enough, that can be fairly relaxing for me. Ahhh...

In other news, I decided to change running programs. I switched to one that I got from Runners World's website called the Smart Coach. It gives you more information and a more personalized plan (for free!) than Hal Higdon's website does. This will actually tell me what pace I should be running, when I should do intervals, when I should do tempo runs, etc. And it allows for more cross training, which to me will be lifting, plyo, and yoga!

Hope you had a healthy day! Tomorrow is a new one, so even if you didn't, you can get back on track then!

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  1. Good switch! If you are shooting for a specific time on your marathon then pacing and tempo runs will be key! Keep up the good work, I have been modifying my workout plan as well, have to keep adjusting it until it feels right :)