Saturday, January 16, 2010

Running 3 Days a Week?

So I'm thinking I'm going to change my running program slightly. It has me running 4 days per week, and that cuts out a lot of time for other workouts! I'm seriously considering substituting one of my short during the week runs with an Insanity workout or maybe Plyo X. Then I'm getting my heart rate up to a running level, but it's a different workout so I won't get bored. There are plenty of 3 day per week running programs out there, so I'm thinking it should be fun. I of course will never skimp on my long runs because that is a big part of the program! Can't run 26 miles if you haven't done your 18 mile run too!

Runners out there, any thoughts on occasionally subbing plyo for one of my short runs?


  1. Alissa, just started following your blog last week. I am an avid runner. I have done 3 rounds of P90X and have not gotten into Insanity yet. I believe if you keep up with Tony in PlyoX then you will most likely be achieving more than you would in a short run. The only problem is that the short runs are nice because 30min you are done, whereas PlyoX takes at least an hour :/ Good luck! Keep up the good work :)

  2. the other thing to keep in mind is the saying "make your hard workouts hard and your easy workouts easy" make sure that you are not replacing your easy 3 mile day with an intense plyo day, it will burn you out and take away from your middle distance tempo workout where you are pushing the pace a bit, or leave you with nothing to do your long run....