Saturday, November 14, 2009

How do you choose your workouts?

I was thinking today as I was choosing my workout that I sometimes have no rhyme or reason to what workout I do. I can definitely see how there could be problems with that approach. Research has shown that people who have a plan to reach their goals are much more likely to reach their goals. That's why fitness experts suggest having concrete goals like:

  • I will eat 1600 calories per day this week.
  • I will exercise for 45 minutes per day Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
  • I will lose 1 pound per week.
You get the picture! For some reason, concrete, quantifiable goals help you reach your goals. If they aren't working, you can always change them, but it really helps to define (and even write down) your goals.

So this brings me to my state of mind recently... I wrote about how busy I've been, and that makes it hard to workout. What I find, during times like this, that putting too much pressure on myself actually makes me crater. So what I've been doing is leaving things completely undefined, and then I can figure out what I'm in the mood for that day. The only thing I've done is committed that I will do some physical activity everyday. That has led me to walking one day, doing a hybrid P90X-Insanity (short) workout, and also doing some true P90X today.

It's working for me, so for now I'll stick with it! I do want to read more about this whole goal setting stuff though because I think that a lot of what holds me back from reaching my goal weight is not setting concrete goals and not actually (deep down) believing I can do it. Hmmm....

Today's workout was legs from P90X... OMG! I haven't done some of this stuff in a while and I can tell! My quads were definitely feeling it, and I have a feeling I'll have a nice little bit of soreness tomorrow. Love that feeling because then I know I worked!

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  1. Hey A!
    So...I think I'm pretty much doing the same thing you're doing right now. As much as I love following a program completely and totally...there are just phases of our lives where that is not feasible. Right now with my instructing at the gym and the holidays and so many committments, I just can't swing it. I think setting short-term goals is the BEST thing for me. If I don't have ANY goals specifically set out, I tend to fall off the wagon...but when I say, OKAY--for the next X amount of days I am going to X and X...then I succeed...or at least push harder and really try.
    I posted on my blog today about a little 10-day challenge I am starting today. We have 10 days till Thanksgiving, so I am going to focus for the next 10 days. ONLY clean eating, no cheating and workout every day. Its just for 10 days so I know I can do it...even if I have to MAKE'll be over before I know it. Plus I HATE failing at anything. And...this is kind of a way for me to remind myself (and my body) WHO is in charge here.
    Anyway, maybe you'll join me?

    I really hope that by around Jan or Feb of next year when life settles down a bit, I'll be able to start Insanity over again and REALLY do it this time! :o)