Monday, November 9, 2009

What do you do when you're sooooo busy?

OMG, I am so busy right now! I actually took a much needed mental break this past weekend and took my time to do more personal/family things than school things. Now I'm so busy! It is going to be a hectic week! So that is what led me to think to myself... what do I do when I'm so busy? How do I fit in my workouts, my school work, my family/friends, and not go totally insane?

Tactic #1: Make a list! I just made a list of everything I need to get done for school through Thursday so I can check it off when I'm done. There's something satisfying about checking things off and knowing you're accomplishing something.
Tactic #2: Don't overextend myself! That means, don't commit to too many social events, don't commit to 2 hours of working out per week. Don't overcommit! I know a lot of us have an issue with this one, and I think it puts a lot of undue stress on you if you aren't honest with yourself about how much you can handle.
Tactic #3: Stay focused! Today, that has meant making my list so I can be more focused. I've got to keep myself focused and motivated to stick to my schedule or I won't get it all done!

So what does all this mean for workouts and food? For one, I may have to be extra creative this week. Today, I walked to school with my backpack filled with stuff, and I burned 350 calories. Done, and done! I'd normally do more, but I just don't have time! If I only have 20 minutes, then I better make it a good 20 minutes with some interval work inspired by all I learned from P90X and INSANITY. As for food, convenience does not necessarily equal fattening foods. Last week I made turkey chili, and I'm still finishing it off. When I'm really busy, I'll make myself a turkey sandwich on whole wheat or a baked chicken breast with frozen veggies. Whatever it takes, right, even if it isn't exciting?!?!

Oh, right, and I can't forget to sleep. Ahhh!

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