Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Busy day workout

Today was/is another busy day for me, so I did what is now becoming a "Busy Day Workout" for me. I start off with five minutes of cardio a la INSANITY to warmup. Most of the time I used Shaun T's moves, like jogging in place, jumping jacks, Heismans, etc. For some reason, I absolutely love the Heisman! Then I did a back a bicep routine, inspired some by P90X. I did about a minute per exercise of the strength move followed by a minute of intense cardio (also from INSANITY or P90X plyo). It worked out really well! I only had 20-ish minutes, and I finished up with some sun salutations at the end which brought me to 25 minutes. Wonderful way to start the day! I'm enjoying the creativity when I need it, although I'm itching for some P90X workouts. I saw a pic of me in May and I think my biceps have gotten smaller... not good! Must get back to my P90X muscles!

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