Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chest and Back, P90X

So that's a picture of the beautifully challenging divebomber pushup. Well, at least it's the first step in the divebomber pushup. Today I did P90X Chest and Back, and I forgot how crazy those little guys are! I have obviously lost some strength since I had my rough summer plus just doing Insanity lately. I'm so happy I did some P90X again today! It was DIFFICULT and FABULOUS all at the same time!

The 10 Day Challenge is going well. I had a bit of a headache yesterday so I was kind of sluggish, which led me to just walk for exercise. It ended up being 500-600 calories total though, so not too bad for a lazy day. I had some turkey chili for dinner and relaxed after that until I fell asleep on the couch. I am much better today!

My plan for today is to walk to school so I get in some extra calorie burn. I have some frozen shrimp defrosting, and I'm going to cook that in some tomato sauce for dinner. I don't have any pasta so I won't be eating that with the shrimp. I might make brown rice instead or just make some other veggies so I have a bunch of veggies to eat with the shrimp. We'll see!

Back to doing work around the house... fun fun!

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  1. You're doing so good!! Keep it up!!
    Ps. Thanks for the shout out! I'm always trying to recruit new people to coach!