Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 1 - Chest & Back + Ab Ripper X!

Okay, so I did Day 1 today, and I have to say I feel good! It was definitely difficult, but I didn't get discouraged at all. I tried to concentrate on good form as much as possible. When I couldn't keep good form, I rested and if there was time, I pushed out a few more reps. I *know* I'll be sore tomorrow, but that means I worked! I loved the neck stretches we did in the beginning... I think I'll do those whenever my neck feels a little tight. As for the push ups, I had the most difficulty with the decline pushups and the dive bomber. Practice will have to make perfect with those! It's pretty cool to watch them do the dive bombers though... WOW. I want to be able to do that! As for the pull ups, I used a chair to help me, but I really feel it in my muscles, so I'm hoping it did something for my back. I felt like I was using my legs to assist me sometimes... hmm. I think next time I'm going to put a step underneath me because my chair slid around a little. Ab Ripper X was pretty rough but I can tell I'll get better at that too. We shall see how everything feels tomorrow! All in all, I'm proud of myself! I drank a TON of water! I still need to get recovery drink. I'll have to check into that later. I used my heart rate monitor too, and it said I burned 910 calories! AWESOME!!! And it's only 4:30! Time to do some laundry and some studying... Ahhhh.... I feel so accomplished!


  1. Hi Alissa, my name is Amanda and I just started P90X on Monday! I came across your blog from my friend Demi's page and it's great to find someone one here who is starting at the same time! Keep up the good work! I'm excited to keep reading your blog to see how things are going!! Good luck with Plyometrics tomorrow...you will sweat like crazy! =)

  2. AWESOME!!! Girl, you're doing better than I did on day 1-I could barely do a divebomber! It does get better though, promise :) Remember that I said "better" and not "easier" though, haha.

    As far as pullups-don't worry about using your legs. That's what it's there for. When I use the chair (and I still use it alot! Especially towards the end of back workouts.) I try to switch my assisting leg every 5 pullups so my legs don't get out of whack. As of now, I can do 5 pullups un-assisted. After that, it's chair time for me! But trust me-your back IS getting a workout!

  3. Good idea with switching legs! I certainly don't want one jacked quad and one wimpy quad... haha! Like that would happen! I wouldn't say I could "do" a divebomber, but I was definitely working it as well as I could. Those things look awesome when you do them right!