Friday, February 27, 2009

Heart Rate Monitors and my sore muscles...

So although the arms workout seemed easier to me, let's just say it was working. My arms are quite sore! I think the exercise where you hold the bicep curl in a static position really got me. I can feel it in the bottom of my biceps. The last exercise where you push your body up with one arm... the one that Dreya rock? That is awesome! It was hard but I think I did 10 or 12. I would've never thought of that either! That's the fun of this workout. It's all sorts of new exercises I've never tried.

On to heart rate monitors... with every workout, I'll be wearing my HRM so I can track my calories. It helps me figure out how much to eat. I have a Polar F11, but the Polar F6 does the same thing mine does and is cheaper. I highly recommend it! You enter your age, weight, sex, and fitness level. Then it estimates your VO2 Max based on your resting heart rate and how it fluctuates over a few minutes. When you exercise, it measures your heart rate and using all the other information to calculate calories. I think it's pretty accurate... definitely more accurate than the treadmill at the gym. I've heard from some hardcore calorie counters that they think it overestimates because it also takes into account the calories you would've burned just sitting around. IMHO, that's not that many calories (maybe 100-200?) and it's not going to make or break me.

In case you want to buy one:

Time for Yoga X!

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  1. Oooh, love the dreya roll..really works your core! And the static arm curls are "money"!! lol

    me and jason have been looking for good hrm watches, thanks for the info!