Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 3 - Shoulders and Arms

Just finished up shoulders and arms... it wasn't too bad! I guess my arms and shoulders are stronger than other parts of my body. I think I'll have to get heavier weights eventually, but for now my 8 pound and 5 pound work fine. My arms were burning at the end of my sets with those weights. I have to say this workout seemed like a nice break from the first two workouts! I'm happy for that though because I think mentally I need one workout at least that I feel really confident about. I can't totally struggle through everything! I'm sure I'll struggle through a lot though. Ab Ripper X felt much better today too! I think it was mostly because I knew what to expect so I could psych myself up... only 25 reps! Ha! That sounds easier than it is!

So far food is going well today too. I had an omelette at breakfast, a yogurt for snack, salad at lunch, and I just finished a little protein shake. I was STARVING yesterday when I went to bed, so I obviously didn't eat enough. I hope today is better with respect to that.

Calorie report - 733 calories!

Be back tomorrow to chat Yoga X!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that arms and shoulders went well! =)I'm loving the fact that you know calories burned throughout the day. Is that from your heart rate monitor? I may need to get one of those too! Good luck with Yoga tomorrow! You'll get through it...just stay bendy!! haha!!