Sunday, February 22, 2009

Soooo unmotivated....

I am so unmotivated today! To do school work that is... I am just ready for this semester to be over. Only 4 more days of class, and then it's finals! I've decided that for the workouts I'm going to start on Thursday. Once my classes start up again in March, I will have a pretty hectic Wednesday schedule, so I'd like to make that my rest day. I have to do my fit test still, so I can do that later today or tomorrow. I have to get myself ready for the eating plan as well. I figure that having a couple more days to do all that planning will help me out in the end! I even bought a pull-up bar yesterday. I'm pretty excited about it! I can't do a pull-up yet, but I will be able to eventually! I tried a couple with assistance yesterday and I can actually feel it in my back... taste of things to come!


  1. Oh,'ll be a "tiny" taste of what's to come! LOL

    On another note-I never did the fit test. If you're looking to save time and just get started-just do it. That's what I did! Whatever your schedule allows, you can absolutely work around it, especially with the convenience of DVD's. So nice! :)

    Good luck with finishing your semester! From what I remember, you were always really smart so I'm sure you won't have a problem with anything!

  2. I have a feeling I might start a little earlier! I'm not going to want to wait that long. I guess I can adjust once my schedule changes if I feel like I need to!