Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Return of Yoga X

I just finished up the flow portion of Yoga X. It felt so good! I've been meaning to do this all week! I had plans to do the workout on Thursday, but I was up late doing work on Wednesday night and I was exhausted in the morning. Then I was surprised by some Eric Clapton concert tickets, so I went to that on Thursday night. It was great! He sounds AMAZING!!! So yesterday I was studying all day because I have a final exam today, and I never got in yoga then either. FINALLY, this morning I decided I had to do it, and I decided to do half since I really don't have time for the full 90 minutes. It's definitely a busy week/weekend! I'm happy I did 50 minutes though... I feel nice and stretched out now. On Sunday I'll get in my long (14 mile run)!

Hope everyone's workouts are going well! Keep pushing play or bring it to whatever you're doing!

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