Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Best Revenge (on snow)

I made my way out into the beautiful (READ: FRIGID) Pittsburgh weather this morning for my long run. As I mentioned earlier in the week, I have had to improvise on the running because the snow was crazy last week and it took forever for the city to clear it. Obviously they don't have enough public works people because they overworked the ones they do have and it still took days upon days. I digress... really I should just stop complaining about the snow! In any case, my workouts for the week included:
  • Hiking to and from school in soft, deep snow... this is a workout, let me tell you! It takes all you have in your abs and back to keep yourself upright! What usually would be ~100 calories burned was closer to 200 calories because of all the extra core work I was doing. SCORE!
  • INSANITY!!! I did two different INSANITY workouts, one of them being Max Interval Circuit. That workout is a BEAST! I had to pause it close to the end to catch my breath. No need to puke! I burned 976 calories on that!
  • My long run (today)!
So the long run went fairly well. It was supposed to be 12 miles, but I didn't quite make it that far. I'd say 30% of the people in my neck of the woods cleared their sidewalks of the 2-3 feet of snow, so I had to slow down and in a lot of cases walk. In the 2 hours and 10 minutes it should've taken me to do 12 miles, I finished 10.4 miles. I'll take it! Oh, and it was 2369 calories burned. OMG!

So this is what I called "The Best Revenge!" I spent almost a whole week not being able to run because of the weather, and I spent a lot more time sitting around and eating/drinking than I should have. Now, I know I am the one who is fully responsible for myself and my actions, so I can't really use the snow as an excuse for having wine every night or sitting and watching TV for hours on end. What's done is done, and my long run today is now representing my revenge. Revenge on snow, on laziness, on drinking every night, on not getting in my runs! I thought of this from one of my favorite running songs called "The Best Revenge" by Fischerspooner. It's kind of a crazy techno song, but it's very motivating. Love it! I listened to it several times while I was careening through the snow and kept thinking to myself that my run was the best revenge I could have on my week of being crippled by snow. It will not happen again!

In case you want to listen to the song, here it is!


  1. Out of curiousity, how do you know how many calories you are burning? Are you using a bodybugg or something like it?

  2. A. I LOVE IT! "The Best Revenge"...I hope you don't mind if I use that saying myself sometime! It's like "Hey Snow...I'll SHOW YOU!!!" :o)

    I'm puzzled as to why YOU can burn SO MANY calories during an Insanity workout and I am lucky to get 300. whassupwitdat? Maybe my HRM isn't working correctly. I broke the elastic part of the chest strap and now I just stick the little sensor thingy in my bra...but I'm wondering if it is getting accurate readings that way...?!?! hmmm..
    I did Insanity Ploymetric Cardio Circuit the other day and I gave it 110%. I hardly took breaks...and it only said 287 calories!!!

  3. Nice job racking the miles in with this weather! Get ready for some more of that lovely white stuff heading your way. It does not pay to be a runner in northern USA. But I call it paying my dues, come spring and summer I always feel much faster.