Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday again!

It feels like the last few days have been a whirlwind. I flew out of town on Thursday for a job interview, returned late Friday night (keep your fingers crossed for me because I loved it!), moved all day Saturday, went to a Christmas party Saturday night, and unpacked all day yesterday. Phew! My exercise for the weekend was moving/unpacking. I don't know where my heart rate monitor is right now (still packed somewhere) so I have not been tracking calories officially.

So where does this leave me on the challenge? The weekend was a lot less structured than I would hope, but I don't feel like I fell off the wagon in any way. Today, I am doing quite well, so I'll move forward with this momentum! I totally forgot that I decided to throw out my toaster oven because it was so old. Part of the reason was also to force me to eat eggs for breakfast or oatmeal. I usually have toast with peanut butter, which is also a great breakfast, but I wanted to be a little more high protein over the coming weeks. Today I made two eggs with some baby bella mushrooms mixed in. I also had some berries and pineapple on the side with my usual coffee and organic milk. Excellent!

As for the workout, my DVD's are still in an undisclosed box! Luckily, I have On Demand workouts, so I'll pick out some cardio on there and do that before I head out to class. I hope all is well out there! Have a healthy day!

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