Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm going to run a marathon!

A close friend of mine at school told me yesterday that instead of running the half marathon in PGH in May (as I had been planning to do), he's going to run the full marathon. We're the same pace... so I decided to do it too! We have to start training on Dec 28 already for a May race! I did one marathon before in my life, so might as well do another! The only thing that concerns me is that it's really hard to keep up your other workouts AND to lose weight when running a marathon. I actually gained weight last time! I'm going to have to be diligent about my calories instead of just pigging out after my long runs. Very important!


  1. I found that in order for me to succeed at losing weight while I train for Marathon it is critically important that I vary the intensity of my workouts and eat for that specific workout. In this way I allow myself some cheat days where I do my long runs, but other short run or recovery run days I know I need to eat clean, mostly protein.

  2. Holy crap! Congrats, girl! A marathon is a huge accomplishment and something I'm still deadly afraid of!

  3. You can SOOOO do this Alissa! You are the BOMB and you inspire me! Remember that on the days when you don't wanna do it--you inspire so many of us! We're rooting for you!