Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Easy Yummy Marinade

All is well in the 25 Days till Christmas Challenge! Yesterday, I did an awesome Jillian Michaels workout On Demand! It was her Trouble Spots workout, and I was impressed to see two moves I had never done.

  1. Chest Press with a Crunch - combine a regular crunch with a chest press so you end up with a weighted crunch
  2. Chest Fly with a Straight Leg Lowering - combine the lower ab move where you lower your legs (straight) to about an inch or two from the ground while you perform a chest fly
I loved those! I always feel like I'm resting when I get on the ground to do chest exercises, so adding in the ab moves was awesome to me.

Also, I made an easy and yummy marinade tonight for my pork chop. I combined ~1/2 cup of low sodium soy sauce, 1 T of ground ginger, and a dash or two of hot sauce. Mix it all up and marinate the pork chop as long as you like. I'm impatient, so I did about 15 minutes. I baked my pork chop afterwards, and let me tell you, the taste was awesome!!! And I combined a really great, anti-inflammatory ingredient (ginger) with something as boring as a pork chop. I will be doing that again!

Time for The Biggest Loser finale! Woo hoo!

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