Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another run

I made it out for another run today... it was great! The hills kind of kicked my butt! I persevered though and made it through. I ended up running 3-ish miles and coming inside to stretch and cool down. The weather was COLD but above freezing so it didn't feel too bad.

Yesterday I threw together a cross training workout with moves from Jillian Michaels' workout again. That also felt great! I even woke up sore today. A nice sore, of course!

I will most likely be MIA for a few weeks as I travel to see family and friends for the holidays. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and a happy new year! I will keep up with my workouts and I hope you will too!

And BTW, I was at 158 pounds last time I checked so I have confidence I can hit my goal by the end of the year. I also went to the salon today and someone noticed I had lost weight. Jackpot!


  1. Great job Alissa! I love that sore feeling..which I have in major excess today after 4 grueling workouts in the past 24 hours! Whew! Thank God for a rest day today!
    Have a great holiday season! I'll miss your posts but I completley understand. I'm posting less and less these days too..but I'm sure we'll all be back at it in January!
    Congrats on your weight progress! I think your bloggy buddies deserve to see a new pic of you! :o)

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