Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fighting a Cold

Ugh, I am still fighting a cold. It makes me realize how important working out is! I can't workout right now because I'm so exhausted, and that leads me to have to eat way less to be healthy! OMG, that is hard!!! Today I'm around 1400 calories, and I could probably fit in 200-ish for a snack later. I think I'll have some dried fruit or maybe some yogurt. I've been drinking a ton of decaf tea for my throat, so I'm sure I'll have some of that too!

My challenge officially started today, but the cold is getting in my way. My scale is also packed (I'm moving this weekend), so I'm going to have to really kick it off in full gear on Saturday!

At least I have The Biggest Loser to watch tonight! Usually I end up working out during that because it's impossible to sit still watching Jillian and Bob work with everyone. Sigh... today will be a relaxed BL session for me!

1 comment:

  1. Make sure you get over to my blog sometime soon and watch the Biggest Loser bonus video I posted on there. It is HILARIOUS!!!
    Ps. Hope you're cold is all gone by now! (and that your interview goes well!!)