Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another day of INSANITY!

So today is going much more smoothly for me... I don't feel like quite the mess I felt like yesterday. I have been telling all my wonderful friends that I'm giving up drinking and eating completely clean for the next 8 weeks, and they look at me like I'm insane! Haha... no pun intended. I guess I am! I already feel much better today, even if it's just the mental resolve that's making me feel better.

Positives for yesterday:
  1. I had a fantasy football draft last night where there were tostitos and salsa, plus beer. I had NONE. I have a soft spot for salsa, tostitos, and guacamole, so that was some serious restraint.
  2. I felt much stronger while doing my workout, and I walked to and from school carrying my laptop (it's actually kind of hilly here). I burned over 1000 calories!
Areas for improvement:
  1. I only slept 6 hours, and I definitely prefer 7 - 8 hours.
  2. I didn't eat enough! By the end of the day, I had logged 1508 calories. INSANITY says I should eat 2100 calories a day, and myfooddiary said I still needed at least 900 more calories to be at a safe weight loss level.
As an aside (I've said this before but I'll say it again), if you're looking for a food diary, I highly recommend www.myfooddiary.com. They have a huge list of foods, so I hardly ever have to enter foods manually. They will track all your major nutrients in addition to calories in and out. Then you get a little report at the end of the day to tell you how you did. This is what it said to me yesterday:

At a glance ...
Exercise! You burned 1218 calories.
A high-fiber breakfast can help you lose weight and reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.
No dessert! You easily saved yourself hundreds of empty calories.
You have eaten fiber-rich foods. This is a good indicator of a healthy diet.
Saturated fats only accounted for 3.2% of your calories. Good job staying below the 9% limit!
You consumed 1313 mg of calcium. This is 131% of the recommended daily value (1000 mg) for adults under 50 years old.
You consumed 3778 IU of vitamin A. This is 126% of the recommended daily value for women.
Too few calories. Consuming too few calories can decrease your metabolism. This will hurt your long-term weight loss efforts.
Note: Make sure you have entered all of your foods for the day.
You consumed 2718mg of sodium. Ideally, this number should be below 2300mg.
Only 13.6% of your calories came from fat. Fat should account for a minimum of 15% of your calories.

Cool huh?

So here's the scoop on today. I did Pure Cardio, which AGAIN, is BANANAS. Shaun T's words, not mine... now every time I do that workout I think of Gwen Stefani. It's bananas, B A N A N A S! :)

For the food, I was much more thoughtful about what I ate/am eating. I'm going to be in school till at least 9:30 tonight, so I had to do some quick planning. I was home from 11:30 to 1, and in that time, I did my workout, I cooked my dinner, I made my lunch, AND I packed snacks. The key to my success today was literally having my laptop next to me so I could log all my food and figure out if I needed more. Turns out, I did! I added in a bag of walnuts and dried fruit, and now I'm all set.

MUCH BETTER!!! Thanks for reading! Good luck with your health and fitness goals today!!!


  1. Great job on holding firm during the 'fantasy football' party. Thanks for the snippet on myfooddiary -- I was wondering exactly what that site was providing. Sounds helpful -- I will check it out.

  2. I am SOOOOOO loving your blog more than ever now--since we are doing the same program/struggling with the same issues and eating the same number of calories (or trying to anyway!)

    I bow down to you for having NO chips and salsa/guac. That is DEFINITELY my soft spot too...well...that anything sweet!

    Keep on keepin on! You are TOTALLY inspiring me!!

  3. Hey, that looks pretty cool. I may have to check that site out.