Monday, September 28, 2009

10K and Getting Back to Business

Okay, back from my short hiatus. I had stitches in my leg which ended up preventing me from working out for a week. No big deal, and all is well now, but it took a little while to recover. It would have been mucho uncomfortable to workout with those!

I ran a 10K yesterday and I am seriously sore today! The INSANITY workouts definitely had me ready for the cardio involved, but for some reason my quads were so tight afterwards. Being sore is not a bad thing though, so I'll deal with it. I finished faster than I had ever finished for a 10K, although I'm not exactly a fast runner. I averaged somewhere around 9:45 min per mile. Not bad for not officially training! I think after INSANITY is over I'm going to get back to running so I can improve my pace. I think I'll do a modified P90X where I do the lifting and on the non-lifting days I do a running workout.

I'm going to rest today and then pick up where I left off with INSANITY. I was considering starting over so I could have an uninterrupted 60 days. Any thoughts on that??? :)


  1. As for running - my advice is to check out some you tube videos on good running technique. I watched a few good video clips where a guy breaks down an elite runners forma, etc. and it has been awesome how much faster, more efficient I have been getting as I apply the technique - most people assume they are running just fine, but in reality they are missing out on a ton of speed that comes from proper foot landing, leg extension and thrust from foot/ankle flexion.

  2. Alissa,
    I am in the same boat..sort of. I don't have any good excuse for missing 2 weeks of Insanity...but I have and now I'm wondering if I should start over...or just pick up on week 3. Ugh. I think since I'm about to start teaching fitness classes twice a week and therefore may not be able to do Insanity as outlined...I might as well just pick up where I left off. Then when things slow down a bit, I can start all over and really go INSANE with it.
    Hope you're feeling well! GREAT job on the 10K!!

  3. Funny....the comment verification code I had to type was HEADUPP.
    Maybe that's a note to us both...keep our heads up! hee hee