Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plyo Cardio Circuit Again!

I just finished up Plyo Cardio Circuit again, and I am soaked! That seemed harder to me today! I've definitely got the warmup down, but once we moved into the pushup section, it was rough. Basically, you jump down, do 4 pushups, then stay in plank and run for 8 counts, then jump up and repeat. Tough, tough, tough! After all that, you do a bunch of different jumps from plank position. Whoa, my legs were losing it. All in all, it was 661 calories!

As for food today, I'm doing well. No temptations thrown my way, and I've managed to keep myself full all day. I'm already starting to feel healthier, so that's a huge improvement from 2 days ago. I seem to be getting myself easily to around 1900 calories, but myfooddiary and INSANITY want me to eat more.

Here's a question for all of you! Which do you think is better?

a) Eating when you're hungry even if you "don't eat enough." Of course, I'm certainly not condoning starving yourself, just the difference between 1900 calories and 2200 calories.
b) Eating more because it's what is recommended, even if you're not hungry anymore

Time for dinner... have a healthy night! :)


  1. I believe I did those in High School Football, but I don't remember them being called Plyo.

    I do remember that they were "Tough Tough Tough"

  2. My opinion is eat as close to your goal calories as possible, but if you are not hungry, then you are not hungry. Some days you might eat more and others less, so the days you don't get to 2200 will make up if you go a day over 2200. The thing you don't want to do is not eat enough and then have your body not respond to the INSANITY because you are not feeding it enough! Sound like you are doing great tho. Just reading about it makes me second guess my try at it someday!

  3. Hi!! I just started my P90X Journey and I'm lovin' reading the blogs. :)

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