Monday, September 7, 2009

Fit Test, Day 15

Two weeks down, and it's back to the fit test. It's been a fun two weeks! I went away this weekend for the holiday, and I brought my DVD's with me. Saturday was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. I had never done the abs workout, so I didn't know what to expect. Shaun T kind of plays a cruel joke on you, having those back to back! You've just finished youre 15-16 min of pure cardio HELL, and then during your warmup for Cardio Abs, you do POWER JUMPS! Ugh. I was doing all this in a tiny space in my hotel room, but I managed to do well. The biggest challenge was that I was working out on shag carpet, so it was really hard to pick my feet up quickly. It was actually kind of funny... I felt sooooo slow! That was a total of 828 calories burned! My total for the week was 3530!!! NICE!

Fit test take 2 went well! For some of the moves, I pretty much stayed the same, give or take one rep. My main improvements were:

Squat Jumps - Increased by 9 (went from 49 to 58 in one minute)
Switch Kicks - Increased by 10 (went from 112 to 122 in one minute)
Push Up Jacks - Increased by 6 (went from 24 to 30 in one minute)
Low Plank Oblique - Increased by 18 (went from 44 to 62 in one minute!!!)

I still want to improve my switch kicks. I think as I get stronger abs, I'll kick higher, which might actually make my number stabilize or go down. I'd say at this point my leg is still not quite parallel to the floor but it's definitely going higher than knee level... probably somewhere in between but hopefully closer to the high end!

This week should be a good week! I don't have any major challenges standing in my way, and I'm actually starting dance classes this week. I signed up for a tap class and a contemporary jazz class to supplement my business classes. I danced as a kid, so I think this will be awesome!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Good luck with your health and fitness journeys!

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  1. Dance classes?! HOW FUN!!! (and additional work out!!)
    I'm interested in seeing how well I do in my next fit test. I think you had great improvements!! The people on the video didn't seem to improve all that much. You did great!