Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cardio Recovery

Today was a much needed cardio recovery day. I can really tell my muscles have been working. The lactic acid build up was insane during the lunges and squats! It felt great though, and I am much more relaxed than when I started. It was a grand total of 279 calories! I did a ton of walking today too, so I've burned quite a few calories.

As for food, I'm between 2000 and 2100 calories, so that should be good. Dinner is grilled mahi mahi, a side salad, "greens and beans," and maybe some couscous if I have room. "Greens and beans" is one of my favorite summertime treats in PA. Greens are in abundance during the summer and fall, so I wilt them in some chicken stock, throw in some Italian-ish seasonings, and some white beans. Yummy! It's one of my favorite healthy sides! I tend to spice it up with crushed red pepper too because I love spicy food.

Now I'm starving... must eat!

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