Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How many calories are burned in 3 weeks of INSANITY?

I'll tell you!


I've been keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet (I'm definitely a nerd), and that is my total for the first 3 weeks of INSANITY. All I can say is that's insane! Or maybe I should say it's bananas!?!?!?

Today was Pure Cardio and Abs, and I was feeling like a major slacker beforehand. I didn't get home until almost 7, and I knew I had to make dinner. I really, really had to convince myself to do it. Oddly, blogging is a big reason I did it! I would've felt guilty if I didn't because there are people (even if it's only a few!) who are tracking my progress. That means no slacking! And so I pushed play on the most intense day of INSANITY when I really just felt like chilling on the couch. I'm happy to report I finished and I didn't slack while I did it AND I burned 758 calories. That's on top of those 10000 I mentioned above! :)

Happy Workouts!!!


  1. That is amazing...hmmm, maybe Insanity will have to go on this years Christmas list ;)

  2. Wow -- that's huge! Congratulations on some great progress.

  3. AMAZING!!! Great job on pushing through!

  4. Holy cow that's a lot! Since your a fellow Beachbody enthusiast, I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in my 365-mile Challenge. Check out my recent post for the details.

    You're doing great and I can't wait to see your final results! I gotta get me some Insanity!

  5. Curious to know what the end results were..? I don't have an account and I'm not even sure how to use this site, if you wouldn't mind, can you email and let me know your tips and what not and your results over the 60 days?


    Brielle Lyn