Friday, August 28, 2009

This better work!

I just finished up day 6, ie the last workout of week 1 for insanity. All I can say is this better work! I can't imagine it won't, but you know... gotta say it. This is tough work! I've done really well with the workouts this week. Today was a repeat of Plyo Cardio Circuit, and I already felt stronger. Man, I can kick butt in that warmup already! :) That sounds sort of funny, but if you've done the warmup you know what I mean! I still have a ways to go in the pushup section, but those were even better than a few days ago.

As for the food, last night I strayed a bit and had some wine. I totaled up my calories and was around 2200 instead of 2100. Not the end of the world! My dinner was still healthy and balanced, and if I hadn't had a glass of wine, I would've been good to go. I just finished the first week of my fall semester at school so I took the chance to relax. In my opinion, a girl's gotta live, and this is part of my life. I like a glass of wine here and there... so be it! :)

Today's calorie burn was 646 calories. Woot! Tomorrow is rest day, so I plan to spend the day at the local farmers' markets getting all my good for me food for the week. This week, I have eaten so many yummy healthy things! My favorite for the week has been greek yogurt with fruit and walnuts. I highly recommend it!

For all those INSANE people out there, best of luck!

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  1. Great job! You are now apart of the week 1 survivors club :). Don't worry-I cheat all the time on diet, and the programs still work :). I'm in recovery week, it sure doesn't feel like recovery...but then I'm off to month 2! Keep us all updated! DIG DEEPER! :)