Sunday, August 9, 2009

Go Debbie Siebers!!!

So as I wait for my Insanity to come, I'm doing random workouts here and there. The weekends are my main time because lately I've been working almost 80 hours a week. Yuck! Today I was going to go out jogging, but it is like a swamp in PA! I came back inside immediately and decided to do a workout at home.

In 2003, I bought Slim in 6, and it was my first foray into workouts. My results were actually awesome! My legs have never been so slim. I also bought the Slim Series DVD's which I think of as the equivalent of the P90X plus series... just a little something extra but similar to Slim in 6. For those who aren't used to Debbie Siebers workouts, they are actually quite good! She is more of a muscle endurance type... you are literally moving for the entire hour you are working out. It's a combination of lunges, squats, and plies with different arm exercises done simultaneously (like shoulder raises, bicep curls, etc.).

After doing P90X, I think you tend to get a little of a workout chip on your shoulder... kind of like, well I did the X, so nothing else will be hard. I'm expecting Insanity to be hard, but going back to a Slim in 6 workout seemed like it would be a piece of cake. Let's just say I was WRONG! I was so impressed by how difficult my body thought it was! My muscles were absolutely burning, and I was dripping with sweat! It just goes to show you that doing something different can really kick your butt! In my one hour workout, I burned 795 calories!!! During the lunge/squat/plie sequences, my heart rate was in the 170's! WOW!!! I'm so happy I did this workout! PS, in case you're wondering, it was "Tone It Up!" a weighted workout.

So here's a highlight of some of my favorite moves that work your butt off (literally) but I totally forgot about them. One of her favorites is the pelvic tilt where you lay on your back like you're going to do crunches, and you squeeze your booty and tilt your pelvis. It's a teeny tiny movement, and you'd think it does nothing, but I dare you to try it. You will definitely be sore the next day if you're doing it right. Plus, she has you put your dumbbells on your lower stomach, so you're actually lifting weight with your butt. Interesting, right? Debbie Siebers is also a leg lift queen. Now you'd think again, no big deal, that is so 80's. I can just imagine the ladies from the old Firm videos in their crazy spandex throwing their legs around. Well, Debbie focused on small movements, and it just NEVER ENDS!! My hips were literally burning. I was laying down, and my heart rate was still in the 120's. That has got to say something!

I should have remembered that someone who created the 80/20 squats that Tony H does can really kick my butt. I'm so happy I did that workout! It makes me remember that not only do I have P90X to keep me going, but I have some of these great Slim Series DVD's as well. And of course, INSANITY is on the way!

Have an excellent Sunday!


  1. I love it! Even Tony Horton refers to her ALL the time on the One on One's calling her the "squatting queen of the world!", I'm like, I need to try that! Variety is the spice of life!

  2. I love me some Debbie! And you're so right, its more challenging than I remember, each time I pull it out.
    The ones I do I got in high school, almost 10 years ago: THIN THIGHS & GREAT BUNS! :) :) :)
    love debbie! she and denise austin are my fitness idols. :)

  3. I was just thinking the exact same thing you about my P90X chip so never gave other dvd series a thought. But I've always been interested in SI6. Thanks for this post... I just put in my order!