Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Plyo and Abs

I just finished up Plyo and I actually did Abs today as well.  After jogging and doing the chest workout yesterday, I just didn't feel like doing the abs!  So now I'm a day off on those, but that's okay.  Plyo went well!  All the switch squat things are the hardest for me... I did really well with them today though!  Sometimes I sort of modify them because I need a bit of rest but today I was jumping as high as I could.  Fun!  

Abs on the other hand felt tough!  I'm happy when I feel it working, but it felt harder today.  Not sure why, but glad I did it!  Tomorrow I plan to get in a job before I do my other workout.  I'm hitting the home stretch here.... crazy!

Total cals burned today: 868!

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  1. Hey, what day are you on? I am glad that you are keeping up on your blog. There are so many blogs that get started but the end is never reached or at least not blogged about. I don't have many people following my blog, but that's okay. I'm not really doing P90X for anyone but me. Thanks for keeping things going. Good work.

    Hansen - boogfitness.blogspot.com