Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The home stretch...

Today started off my 3rd week in Phase 3.  Craziness!  I've started doing the workouts almost exclusively without the DVD.  I just do enough reps to the point of exhaustion.  Sometimes I feel like I get too much break time in the videos now that I'm in better shape.  I'm considering taking the book with me to the gym even so I have access to better weights.  Mine are too light!  Today's triumph was a Dive Bomber Push Up I can be proud of!  I was actually doing it!  My how things have changed over the course of the program!  

I've also started logging my food more religiously today.  I had always been a user of myfooddiary.com, and I cancelled when I started grad school.  It's only $9 a month though, and I really feel like I need it.  It's great!  It even has a mobile app so I can log things from my Blackberry.  Fabulous!  If anyone is looking for a good food diary, I highly recommend it!


  1. Don't you hate it when you type out a WHOLE long comment and then lose it? I just did that.
    Anyway, what I was saying was congratulations on being almost done!!
    I'm impressed with your dive bomber push up! I usually just do like Maureen and do the "under the fence" part but not the "back up under the fence". You've inspired me! I'll have to try it now!
    So, now that you're almost done, have you ever thought about becoming a coach? You obviously have a great following already with your blog and you motivate me everytime I read it--so I bet there are plenty of other people out there who would be inspired by you and your success! Let me know if you're interested or if I can help you! The food diary thing sounds very cool. Being able to input from my Blackberry would be a huge help...as I eat on the go half the time! Does it tell you how many calories are in certain foods? I never know what to count for a handful of grapes...stuff like that.

  2. YEA!! Almost done! I'm on MFD too and we have a group there that talks about P90X, CLX and Insanity. Check us out! My screen name is annie177.