Friday, May 15, 2009

I'm still here!

I just got back from vacation... was gone for almost 2 weeks!  The good news is that I worked out!  I brought my book with me so I did my workouts in the morning before we went out.  Some of the workouts are great via the book... I like doing the cardio ones that way.  Some of the others are not as great!  I was really missing my pullup bar too.  I'm definitely a little behind but still doing well.  I'm planning to take tomorrow as a rest day because I have a little bit of moving to do in the morning and then I'm driving back to PGH.  5 hour drive!  On Sunday I will pick up where I left off with the second week of Phase 3.  I have 4 weeks until I start my summer internship, so I plan to really work it!!!  Doubles and everything!

After I'm done, I am thinking of taking a break from indoor workouts and focusing on my running.  I have Slim in 6 so I'm going to use that on my off days.  I'll be traveling for work, so I need something portable to do in a hotel room.  Slim in 6 will be perfect!

I'll be a better X'er and Blogger from here on out!


  1. Hey Alissa,

    Welcome back and congrats on keeping up the exercise! Don't forget to take a resistance band when you travel during the summer... it helps a ton and if you have a door jam... instant pull-up bar!

  2. Great job for keeping up the workouts!! Little tip-I don't know if you ever travel with a laptop-but you can just pop those things in the computer and voila! You have your workout videos at hand. Doing it "by the books" takes some getting used to. Keep it up!! And keep that pullup strength!